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The people who have come to my studio have made such interesting beautiful pieces!

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I have a new newsletter that will keep you up to date when I might have an event coming...they won't bombbard your mailbox that often and I don't share your email is the link if you wish to check it out:

01        OPEN STUDIO

Every Wednesday the studio is open from 6:30 pm till 9:30 pm. Do you have a project you are working on but just need somewhere to do it? You are welcome to come use some space to work on your project or get inspiration from others and you will have access to cutters, grozers and the grinders.   A great way to meet other artisans, get encouragement, and see what new products, glass and methods are happening in the studio! Just send me a text to tell me if you are coming or not at 403 844-6773 Please note, closed toe shoes are required.


Thinking about taking a glass course, but have never cut glass? Come to this workshop to learn the fundamentals of scoring, cutting, grozing etc. For those that have difficulty with cutters do to hand issues, we will show you alternative methods too. A 1 hour workshop that can be scheduled as needed. Well worthwhile before attempting any glass project to help reduce waste and frustration.

Cost:$10, Glass and tools included.


Since ancient times windows and doors have been made by this time honored method of construction. You will make an independent window hanging panel that is designed to provide the various challenges of the different types of joints, so you can take on other design work. You will learn about designing, structure, and construction with an emphasis on quality craftsmanship. This course is challenging, but rewarding, and you will be well equipped to move on from here. Glass cutting experience necessary.



Have you always wanted to learn stained glass or would you like to make something for someone special? You will learn the skills needed that will enable you to make various other stained glass objects.The hearts are one of a kind and colour and glass choice is up to you. First class is on date stated and then any additional time is during open studio nights.All materials supplied. 




Come by yourself or bring a group and make your very own unique glass dish. You will get a base piece of glass and numerous elements to design with and then your dish will be fired in the kiln to fuse it all together and formed into a dish shape that you can display, give to someone or use yourself.  $35


These beautiful glass snowflakes will all be one a kind and a unique gift that you can give, or keep for yourself. You can make two small ones or one larger one. You will get to design and assemble your own snowflake and then I will fire them in the kiln for pick up at a later date.No glass cutting experience necessary. $20


Leave an impression!! You will choose a design and cut special kiln paper to impress into the glass to create a unique three dimensional look in your choice of either a dish or a window art piece.


08     Mosaic Rocks

Create these easy beautiful mosaic rocks with glass pieces and beads. They make great gifts for a gardener, friends teachers, Mothers etc. No glass cutting skills required. $25...A choice of rocks is available.

Take an ordinary glass architechtual  block and add mosaic glass pieces to create your own unique design. Then add your lights inside and presto you have a beautiful one of a kind room accent. $30

09     Glass Mosaic Blocks

Interested but can't do it at the time scheduled? Contact me!


Multicoloured Plate
Studio Tours


Do you have a group that would like to tour my studio and gallery? Tours booked ahead can include demonstrations and refreshments.

Delightful Dish Events


I have staged various events for groups to give them a chance to create their very own beautiful glass art. Some events have even included appetizers and full delightful dinners. Just let me know what you might have in mind.

Birthdays / Mother-Daughter /Co-workers/Girls Night Out

We can accommodate up to 12 (we can also do one on one )


Here's how it works:

Simply choose a type of glass listed below such as clear or white. Then choose a size/shape. Let us know prior to coming to your event so the glass can be prepared before you come. Then when you arrive you are all set to start creating your own design with other glass elements provided.


Once you are happy with the design, I will fire it in the kiln to fuse all the elements together and then it is fired again over a mold to give it the desired shape such as wavy edge. Then your dish is ready for use. Please allow up to 2 weeks for completion of firing cycles.



- Leonardo Da Vinci-
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