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Upick, Workshops, Weddings 


   There are few things in life that bring delight to people around the world the same as flowers. Flowers have been the artist's muse for eons. Here at Spirit Rider Farm & Studio we have an abundant flower field to inspire and harvest from as well as a gallery of artwork and gift items.

 From opportunities to pick your own bouquet to using the flowers as muse and mediums in the studio workshops we are excited for the 2023 season. 

 We take pride in being able to nurture a tiny seed into becoming the main accessory to a beautiful wedding celebration. We work with Nicole to provide the brides with the freshest locally grown blooms that provide unique looks for your special wedding. For more information on some of the packages we offer please see here and to see more of Nicole's beautiful work go to 

Flower mix.jpg

Spirit Rider Gift Card

The perfect gift for Sweethearts, Wives, Mothers, Sisters, Clients, Daughter In Laws, Friends, Teachers and Artists. The card can be used for a purchase from the studio, studio classes, farm/studio workshops and the bouquet bar. Expires in Dec 31 2023. (Excludes lamb and dogs lol). To purchase please choose an option below that will take you to the store or email me to purchase direct via etansfer @

Farm/Studio Workshops?

We have lots of unique  workshops in the works for 2023 that will spark your imagination as we use the flowers as our muse.  

Interested in having a bouquet subscription that is delivered? Check out the options available through
Flowers By Nicole using our farm fresh flowers when in season

Farm Respect

-Sorry,no dogs allowed other than service dogs kept on leash

-No children under 10 ( we have a large pond)

-All children must be supervised at all times

-Please wear suitable footwear (we do all we can to maintain our paths but it is Mother's Nature's garden in the end)

-Please bring your sunscreen and bug spray if you desire 

-Bees-yes there may be bees. They love the flowers and we love them and they are a necessary part of the eco system. Please be prepared if you are allergic.

This is a working farm thus there is machinery, livestock, natural hazards etc. 


- Leonardo Da Vinci-
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