Vibrant glass colours weave together across the landscape of fields, crops, hills, rivers, lakes and mountains represented in this beautiful glass art tapestry. 
This free standing piece will sparkle on a shelf or window sill.
 Tiny particles of ground glass the size of sugar crystals are carefully layered like a woven tapestry and fired in a kiln at 1460 F to form a solid piece of glass art. This is a similar technique to the sand in a bottle method to depict scenes, but done with transparent glass crystals that sparkle and shine in the light like only glass can do. 
 I am happy to say these landscapes have been bought and gifted internationally and are often given as gifts from our government to represent our amazing landscapes. They remind people of their visits or homeland. Often they are given as wedding presents and unique housewarming gifts as well as corporate awards and gifts.

Glass Landscape Abstract Sculpture

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  • Size: 15" x 7" (38cm x 18cm)

- Leonardo Da Vinci-