This 10" by 10" dish is a functional work of art that is not only unique, but one of a kind. Several pieces of glass are cut and heated in the kiln till they become molten at around 1600 degrees F. Then I reach in and "comb" the glass as best as one can at the extreme temperature, capturing the motion in the glass. When this piece has cooled, it is cut and fused with several other pieces to compliment the design of the combing. Then it goes through several more firings in the kiln to achieve the final piece I am happy with.
The pieces are inspired by the nature that surrounds me on my farm and around the environment, from the drifts of snow, to the ripples on the pond, to the mud swirls on the road. 
This would make a very special wedding gift, corporate gift, art piece for the office, or home and it is functional as well as it has a slight curl on edges to contain food. I would suggest hand washing since dishwashers can vary greatly in water temperature.

Large Black & Blue Combed Glass Square

  • This one of a kind art piece has been created through a combination of several techniques. It has been fired through the kiln numerous times to create a distinctive effect. The designs and colours are inspired by the patterns I see in the nature around me, from the ripples on the pond to the waves upon the fields. SOLD - similar items are in progress.
- Leonardo Da Vinci-