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Wave in Germany
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 I am in awe of the world I live in...I love looking at different landscapes. Always changing, always unique. I attempt to capture those places we have been, would like to be and reminise about. From the fields,rivers, crops,lakes and mountains I capture the weaving together of all the colours that make up our world. Many of the landscapes are created with transparent ground glass (frit) to transform into vibrant pieces while others are created with opaque glass frits so the pieces can be viewed without back lighting.


Glass tapestries are created by carefully placing ground glass the size of a sugar grain (called frit) in between two sheets of clear glass spaced only 1/4 inch apart. The colours are layered and developed to build the scene until it reaches the top of the glass frame. Then the frame is layed flat down into a kiln where the top layer of glass is carefully removed. The frit and bottom layer of glass are fired to fuse together to become one sheet of glass at 1460 degrees F. Some of my scenes are then refired over a form to take a free standing wave form, and some are framed with Alberta reclaimed farm wood. 


I am happy to say these landscapes have been gifted and travelled to places as far away as Scotland, New Zealand, Indonesia to name a few and purchased as gifts by the government. If you are sending one somewhere I would love to hear back from you as I am developing a map to chart the spread of my passion.

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- Leonardo Da Vinci-
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